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Does UN act in Turkey's favor?

Does UN act in Turkey's favor?


    Does UN act in Turkey's favor?

    Does it really make any difference how many people
    were killed - one and a half million, six, or even if
    only one person? Genocide is genocide, arithmetic is
    not needed here.
    31.01.2007 GMT+04:00

    On January 25 the UN General Assembly adopted a
    Resolution condemning the denial of the Holocaust as
    of a historical fact. The Document was supported by
    103 countries out of the 192 Member States, no voting
    was held. The Resolution was submitted for
    consideration on Tuesday by the US representative, it
    contains a call to all the UN Member States for the
    absolute denial of any doubts of the indisputability
    of the Holocaust.

    /PanARMENIAN.Net/ No definite country was mentioned in
    the document, however it was mentioned that `ignoring
    the denial of the historical fact of the terrible
    Holocaust runs the risk of its repetition'. The date
    was chosen in honor of the liberation day of the
    prisoners of the largest concentration camp Oswiecim,
    January 27, 1945. Laws banning the Holocaust denial
    are applied in 9 EU Member States - Austria, Belgium,
    Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Rumania, the Slovak
    Republic, France, and the Czech Republic.

    The adopted Resolution causes embarrassment. On the
    one hand everything is quite obvious - genocide, in
    its any kind of manifestation must be recognized and
    condemned. On the other hand it is a double standard
    policy, which by the way shows its worth in its most
    obnoxious form. The slaughter and deportation of 2
    million Armenians in the Ottoman Turkey, which was
    placed on a national basis, is considered only `tragic
    events of 1915'. Bewilderment is caused by another
    article of the Resolution, which says that `ignoring
    the historical fact of the terrible Holocaust runs the
    larger risk of its repetition'. This is what Armenia
    has just been talking about for so long, mentioning
    that if in due time the League of Nations had
    recognized `the events of 1915' as a Genocide, it
    could have helped to avoid the Holocaust, or at least
    the later wouldn't be on such a large scale. However
    it did not, and thus impunity of the murders on racial
    grounds followed one another. Nevertheless Hitler's
    famous phrase, which is denied by the Turkish
    historians, was uttered. One very essential detail
    should be mentioned here; according to some sources,
    the slaughter of the Armenians, was `provoked' by
    Germany, which was Turkey's ally in the First World
    War. The German advisors of course didn't call the
    Turks to exterminate the Armenians, but they didn't
    display great efforts to stop them from doing it
    either. In 1915 the German Ambassador to Istanbul,
    Wangenheim was asked to stop the deportation, for he
    was able to do that. But he didn't, grounding on the
    absence of the instructions from Berlin. By the way,
    according to some sources in 1915 Wangenheim died from
    cardiac rupture. It is said, he couldn't endure the
    stories about the horror in Western Armenia. But all
    this is already in the past, and we are more concerned
    with the present, which is full of anti-Armenian
    propaganda disseminated by the Turkish Government.
    `Historical indisputability of the Holocaust is
    nothing but reality, and it must be condemned, but the
    denial of the Armenian Genocide, which is still
    continuing on a rather large scale, is of more vital
    importance than any case of the Holocaust denial. Here
    the real point is that the Armenian Genocide must not
    be disregarded. The Armenian Genocide was the first in
    the XX Century and is immediately linked with the
    Holocaust, dated later. One should not put any
    difference between them, as the denial of the Armenian
    Genocide is the denial of the Holocaust. Besides, the
    hypocrisy is obvious - even today Genocides are
    committed in Darfur, Rwanda and the international
    community does very little to stop them', says expert
    Richard Giragosyan. Another question that comes to
    mind is; what are the politicians guided by while
    adopting such Resolutions? Maybe by the number of the
    victims? Does it really make any difference how many
    people were killed - - one and a half million, six, or
    even if only one person? Genocide is genocide,
    arithmetic is not needed here. Or else once again the
    Armenians become victims for the Turkey's sake, whose
    turning its back to the West is completely undesired.


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